Marianna Christofides

Marianna Christofides(Cypro/1985) lives and works in Berlin
Informed by the experience of growing up in a divided island and in-between identities Christofides‘ workdeals with entangled stories that constitute the different layers of multi-authored places. Dwelling onlacunae and ruptures, on imperceptible moments in history where fixed meanings and singular readingsdissipate she investigates narrative spaces where different phenomena intersect embracing rhizomaticmodes of perception. The juxtaposition of geological with socio-historical narratives lies at the core of herpractice. Blind spots and breaches in a linear, homogenising order of events, become the premise forconstructing counter-histories, for upending accepted historical records. Archival research, long-termobservations and a revisiting of places over and again is a means to her that provides the tools toapproach the complicated and fragmented histories of a region.Displacement, shift, asynchrony andpoetic transfer are constitutive parts of her visual language.


Black Mountain

Black Mountain, 2015

HD video with sound , 16:9, colour
10' 33'' loop

Days in between

Days in between, 2015

16mm transferred to HD, 1.33:1, colour & black-and-white

Paphos Blue

Paphos Blue, 2015

white powder-coated base with linoleum surface (80x45x45cm), rotating plate, paper sculpture, microphone stand, torch

Shelter cove

Shelter cove, 2015

2-channel HD video, 16:9 & 4:3, colour
13‘ loop

The life of Mrs. Singleton

The life of Mrs. Singleton, 2015

archival photo, drawings, map 18th c., pigment print, magic-lantern glass slides, paper sculpture, oak showcase with glass cover, custom-made bamboo/metallic display tables

A river needs a banks to flow

A river needs a banks to flow, 2014

two-channel HD video with sound,telescope tripods, led-projectors, serigraphies (56x76cm each), voice-over
29' loop - 55' loop

In the hollow where water remains

In the hollow where water remains, 2014

graphite print/drawing framed (54x40cm),engraved text (43,5x35cm), light panel


Blueville, 2013

wasps’ nest, marble beam, tinted glass cover, light panel, 42x45x180cm

divide et impera

divide et impera, 2013

150×380 cm

Here let me stand

Here let me stand, 2013

two-channel HD-video, silent, colour
29' 42'' loop

Timecode for a Narrative Voice

Timecode for a Narrative Voice, 2013

marble cubes, byzantine clay fragments, c-print framed (85x120cm),typescripts

Cinema Aurora Act I-V

Cinema Aurora Act I-V, 2012

Different medium

L'histoire d'histoire d'une histoire

L'histoire d'histoire d'une histoire, 2012

two-channel slide projection with sound, 122 slides (magic-lantern plates transferred to 35mm), colour & black-and-white
21'30'' loop

Logbook Entries: Braunsfeld

Logbook Entries: Braunsfeld, 2012

single channel HD-video with sound, 16:9, colour
56'35'' loop

Stereoscapes #1/The strait

Stereoscapes #1/The strait, 2012

showcase, two magic-lantern glass slides in case, two laser-engraved texts, two light-panels // eight photographic images framed


Token, 2012

c-print on alu-dibond, paper-cut object, metal rod

What if you find a hornets' nest in a hotel room?/ What if you meet a God on high sea?

What if you find a hornets' nest in a hotel room?/ What if you meet a God on high sea?, 2012-2014

offset print framed serigraphy framed
70×100 cm

Approaching the Line

Approaching the Line, 2011

plexiglass sheet, tinted window film, shelf, books, postcard-collage, dimensions variable

Blank Mappings

Blank Mappings, 2011

three laser-engravings on BFK-Rives paper, three custom-made aligned worktables (76x100x300cm), led-panels, plexiglass sheets, projected compass rose, gobo projector

Flyaways Inlays

Flyaways Inlays, 2011

double-sided framed map, seven frames with photographic images on wooden shelves, backlit magic-lantern slide in case

Panorama d’Athènes

Panorama d’Athènes, 2011

drawing (105,5x80,5cm), audio 3' 28'' loop


Sequence, 2011

triptych collage, collection of photographic images framed, laser-engraved mounts

Along the G-Line

Along the G-Line, 2010

HD video 16:9 with sound and colour
2‘14‘‘ loop

Dies solis. Sundays in Nicosia

Dies solis. Sundays in Nicosia, 2010

HD video with sound,16:9, colour, 57'


Orizon, 2009

sixty-two magic-lantern glass slides, plexiglass sheets, neon tubes, 40x605cm (plexiglass panel)


Rhinepark, 2009

36 graphite drawings mounted, three map drawings, custom-made bamboo display table.


April, 2008/2015

essay film, mini-dv/16mm, 4:3, colour & black-and-white
23' 29''

Perennial Limbo

Perennial Limbo, 2005/2015

layered cardboard sheets, two metal clamps, custom-made wooden board, 22x44x27cm